Illustration Friday – Sleep



I always wanted to participate in the «Illustration Friday» and won’t be able to next week, unfortunately. So I thought – though really late – I’ll do something really trippy for the topic «sleep».

Trippy it is.

A cut-out

Here the only part of a piece I made that I can look at without wincing to much.


I’ll be back with more!


Inspiration tour (…hopefully)


I need some time out and be back on the national day of Switzerland. (Now you have something to google 😛 ) Hopefully this time out will inspire me and… stuff. Yeah, that’s how I am at the moment. *sigh*

I wish everybody some holidays and/or a nice time.



Thoughts of summer



Going anywhere this summer?

We don’t have a sea coast here, but a lot of pretty lakes. Though I bet the sea must be so nice right about now.

Some guys, some sketches

Sorry for not posting stuff for so long.
I was looking through my digital sketches folder and found a sketch that I never posted. Seems I had forgotten it!


It was sometime last year when I’ve seen this stylish guy with a very simple bag marked “My other bag is a YSL.”
I think he was a good example that even if you say you are not interested in fashion, you often make this statement through fashion. Pretty contradictory, right? 😀
(When I was working on this one I didn’t do this “flat colours thing” that I’m trying these days. And failing by the way. Unfortunatley enough I don’t see any progress from then to today. I feel so much more at ease with pencil, ink and watercolours but I just really want to be able do the digital routine too.)



This guys face is missing because he was so hideous! (Well… I drew it hideous.) When painting digital I often have a problem with “the uncanny valley”. I think I’ll make another post about this problem. I imagine other people have the same problem, maybe we can help each other out.
It’s a sketch, that’s why it is so rough. But actually that’s also what I’d like to achieve, to leave some sort of roughness in my pictures.
At least I like the hands; here the colours are very clear. The look I want to achieve in general.



A few days ago I’ve seen this guy. He had this spectacular-unnatural-perfect-curly long hair. AND a mustache. He reminded me a little of Weird Al Yankovich with this look but as a matter of fact managed to look quite handsome still.

Tomb Raider reboot Mini-Review (spoiler-free)





I think one of the biggest things is really this “take yourself too serious”.
It’s still supposed to be a game no matter how “realistic” they’re trying to build it. But if you take yourself too serious and go down the realistic-line everything that seems even just a little unrealistic gets pointed out so strongly. Suspension of disbelief gets rather hard to uphold like this.

I enjoyed the old TombRaiders (I think I played I-IV) and I guess it was also because these weren’t that serious.
However I’m not saying that turning the reboot around is a bad thing, I think it was a good decision to change the core of the game. We had enough “old” TombRaider games.
Just the way the reboot presents itself makes the character progression and storytelling rather shallow too. I think this is what “Uncharted” is making a liiiittle better; every so often you get the feeling Uncharted is making fun of Drake and the situation itself. Without that the uber-action would seem even siller than it sometimes seems anyways.
Oh, about the half-tucked shirt: Tim Schafer wrote this charming and funny text about Drake’s shirt. I love it. If you like Tim Schafer, humour or/and Uncharted you should read it.

What I generally resent however is that the TombRaider reboot can feel like a shooter at times.

Maybe I’m starting to tend to be more of an indie-game person.

Uh yeah, to clarify. AGAIN: It is a good game.

Until I finished this comic-review the Tomb Raider reboot’s gonna be forgotten… These days to keep up with all the new games is really hard. There used to be a time where you were eagerly awaiting your new game to come out and played it as long as the new one would take to make. *old times blues*
I was late because I was sick… once again! I have such a bad immune system. I really try to live healthy but if you don’t sleep enough your immune system is just not going to make it. And I just don’t get sleep. 😛

Lara’s sister


This is a coloured version of my “Lara’s sister“–Sketch.

The sketch was rough and crooked but I liked her cheeky expression a lot better then here. *sigh*
I guess the moment I manage to realise an illustration that matches the “feeling” of the original sketch will mark the start of a new era of “me skillz”.

I know it is hard to believe but I did not look at reference game stills for this illustration. As I said in the previous post before; I didn’t even consider drawing Lara Croft at all!
When I finished it and compared it with the reboot-Lara I was startled how much I unconsciously copied!
What does that say about me? What does that say about marketing and brain-washing? What does that say about chocolate chip cookie ice cream?!!

(Yes, I cropped the pic. She has shoes. I spend hours on the shoes. HOURS. And then I decided that they looked crappy. I saved you, I spared your lives.)
(Aaaah, yes, this too. I wavered from the path of “flat colours”. Now you see how hard this is for me. I try… I try…)

Got to have a hobby.



She surprised me a lot. Especially with the dry tone.
Probably a very good poker player.

I’ve been thinking about it for some time but I guess it’s time to tackle the stuff: In my next post I want to look into the “Tomb Raider” reboot a little. (Is that correct English? I should get some sleep…)

Some probably didn’t expect game content on this blog. I actually didn’t intend to, but it’s just part of my life; leaving it out would mean to neglect all the opportunities for cool stories.
(I’m pretty shy about being myself.
If you don’t know what I mean: Congrats, I guess your normal.
If you understand me: … Welcome. *eerie grin*)

As always, cheers!